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Professional Testimonials

"We've had Mike and Alec film and score several annual fundraiser videos and multiple films for social media and the website. They've consistently been impactful, tonally appropriate, and incredibly received. Can't say enough good things about their work!"

- Clare Stager, Program Director

"The response to our 4 years of FOUND video and song was truly wild! We can't say enough good about how our community, clients, neighbors, staff, artists and family responded - they were coming in to tell us with their mouths dropped in excitement. "How did you do this?" "Who did this and how?" "It's the sweetest thing I've ever seen!" Mike was on schedule, budget, brand and brought a level of fantastical to the project that really showed his level of creativity and commitment to us. To this day, the jingle finds its' way into our ears and we happily humm along."

- Jacq Smith, Founder

"I reached out to Tiny Anthems about doing a short promotional film for Avec Moo and they delivered on so many levels; Mike and I had many, many, conversations where he took a lot of time to understand my brand with a depth that really came across in the film. They scripted, wrote the music, filmed everything, worked with me on any revisions, and the result is this incredibly charming and informative film that helps set the tone for my business."

- Julia Caldwell, Founder

"Tiny Anthems created a short promo film for our social media channels, and to this day, people still refer to it as "the best film I have ever seen". It has so much energy, gets our brand, is hilarious and sweet. Tiny Anthems forever."

-Jess Johnson, General Manager

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