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The Gospel of Actual Patrons:


Robert Says:

"I am so very glad to have come across Mike and Tiny Anthems by happenstance. My wife is a fantastic gifter, much like Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. So I was very glad to be able to work with Mike on a song to immortalize her in all of her glory for time immemorial. The song, titled "Cait, Who Never Surrendered To Law Enforcement (She's No Criminal)," is fantastic. I love it even aside from the fact that it's about the woman I love most in the world. Mike's sense of humor comes through strongly, and I had to pause the song the first time I played it because I was giggling too much to continue listening. It is an excellent work of art and Mike was totally awesome throughout the whole process, even making a minor revision when I realized I was missing one useful piece of information he needed. He went above and beyond what I would have expected. And he's super nice, too.

You think that's the end of the story? It is not! After receiving the song, a coworker of mine inspired me to get the song onto vinyl. I immediately started working with Mike to ensure I had the song in a format best suited to deliver via vinyl. He was enthusiastic and even wanted a copy for himself, which I was absolutely glad to do. Without Mike, I would have been Leslie Knope'd again this Christmas. Now I can win the battle of the best gift!

*Seriously - Mike is awesome, the song is awesome, and you should get many Tiny Anthems in your life!"

“My best friend Vivian hired Mike to compose a Tiny Anthem for me for my birthday, after she had commissioned one for herself and loved the experience. It was one of the most thoughtful, entertaining and personal gifts I’ve ever received! She presented it to me on a thumb drive, along with a sheet of paper announcing the title of the song in calligraphy: “Gina, Chromatic Saint Against Whom All Flames Lap Harmlessly”. The song was luminous and entertaining, hilarious at points but also deeply resonant - and its title has become a bit of a talisman and anchor during life’s ups and downs. Best of all, Mike and I have become good friends as a result of this song being crafted. Highly recommend Tiny Anthems as a unique gift idea!”


"Mike was amazing to work with. I feel like he actually got to know who our kid is and spent way more time investigating her interests than I ever could’ve imagined. The result was a gift for her 13th birthday that captures her spirit, heart, and mind, as well as our own reflections of her. The level of detail and intricacy was unbelievable. The mix of humor and heartfelt emotion was spot on. This gift is way better than any “thing” we ever could’ve bought for her. Our hearts are full. Thank you!"

Gina Says:

Evin Says:

More Effusive Testimonials

“We asked Mike to write a story about our humble city magazine. He delivered—and then some. The final song brought raucous laughter and joy to our editorial staff. We’re officially adopting it as the magazine’s anthem and it will be played at all future staff events. Mike is exceptionally talented, funny, and thoughtful and we’re lucky our paths crossed.”

-Portland Monthly Magazine


"Tiny Anthems is a BIG hit!  I gifted anthems to both my mom and my dad for their Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts.  Mike Long was able to totally capture the essence of both my parents and magically create custom kickass songs that totally embody each individual, their quirks and all.  I think a major part of the human experience really boils down to a desire to feel understood.  Mike delivers this to Tiny Anthem recipients by way of his carefully crafted songs just for them.  I appreciated Mike’s attention to detail to the entire process: the mood/genre of the music, the flow of the lyrics, the lyrics themselves, my feedback and requests.  Tiny Anthems make the world a more joyful, fun place!"

-Jess Kemmis 

"5 out of 5 doesn't begin to explain it. Mike from Tiny Anthems literally went above and beyond what I thought was possible for such an endeavor. I hired him to write a Tiny Anthem for my girlfriend's birthday. From the moment I signed up he was professional and engaged. He reached out via email and phone to learn as much as he could about said girlfriend and what I was hoping for. He then established a timeline and stuck to it, delivering the song a week before I needed it. It was too good, I couldn't even wait until her birthday to give it to her. We literally laughed and cried as we listened to it. The combination of talent, passion, humor, creativity and time he put into it made it so special. I can't recommend Tiny Anthems enough. My only complaint is I feel a little guilty that he didn't charge me more based on the work he must have put in! AMAZING SERVICE."

-Jared Sternberg

"I gave my wife a theme song from Tiny Anthems as an anniversary present. It was an unbelievably awesome experience. The amount of care and thoughtfulness put into the project exceeded my expectations. The communication and back-and-forth was excellent, and resulted in a highly personal (and hilarious) final result. I can't recommend this highly enough, and am excited to commission my next tune soon!"

- Chris G. 


"I have been lucky enough to hear 3 songs written by Mike. Each one has been so uniquely crafted and has purely captured the essence of the subject he was singing about. They combine his unique sense of humor, creativity, musical talents and poetic mastery into a perfect little treasure. Everyone that hears these songs is intrigued about the man behind the talent. What will he write next? What does he do other than write genius and hilarious music? What is his favorite food? How tall is he? What would HIS song sound like? Nobody knows, but we're all waiting to find out. Well, I made the last few up, but now I'm curious. I feel lucky to have heard the songs that I have heard and I hope to hear more in my future. If you have the opportunity to commission him to write a song for you, jump on it. You most definitely won't be disappointed and you'll probably laugh until you cry and treasure it."

-Celia Levites


“You’re incredible.  You brought to our ears the squatch the was hiding in our minds eye for  a long time.  We were blown away with the song and how it came together. You really took it so much further than we ever could have imagined.  Squatch comes alive in the song, we can see him. He was missing a  lyrical personality and you brought it to life.”

-Amy McFarland


“We played it three times and he cried each time. He loved it. Thank you so much.”

- Jennifer Dylan

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