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Oft-Asked Questions

Before you plunder the depths of this FAQ, a great many of your questions might be succintly and charmingly revealed through this informative film on Tiny Anthems.

How does this work?

Using a state-of-the-art questionnaire, those seeking immortality are invited to answer a few simple questions intended to reveal various dimensions of the subject. Once we receive your submission, we invariably ask follow-up questions about the person the song is for. When appropriate, we may request a phone call to ask further questions regarding the subject of the song.


Why are you doing this?

It began just for laughs over five years ago and since then, it has evolved considerably. It's really about story-telling, celebrating people, and trying to see how many people I can get to laugh till they cry.


How do I get the song?

Upon completion of the work, we will email you a digital file! For no additional charge, we are happy to make custom art to accompany a CD or Tape. Songs, if given approval by you, can also be made available for free on Spotify and other streaming services. Vinyl pressings are available with original artwork at a cost of $100.


How much does it cost?

Over the years, our prices have risen. While once upon a time we charged a mere two dollars. Because composing and recording all the instruments, lyrics, harmonies and so on takes in the ballpark of 15-20 hours, our rate is presently set at $250. A more stripped down, simple version is also available. We take requests for free songs whenever possible.


How long does it take to get my sweet sweet song?

It can vary depending on the season and number of pieces we are presently working on. We will attempt to clearly and accurately estimate wait time upon receiving a submission, but the average wait is between 10-21 days.


Are you actually writing original pieces for each person?

Yes. We legitimately never use pre-recorded or pre-written material. Everything we compose is ACTUALLY written only after we read and digest your submission.


What will the song sound like?

We have lots of samples available, but our wheelhouse is quite broad. If your dad is real folksy, we'll incorporate aspects that would appeal to him. If your daughter is REALLY into pokemon, we might use little soundbites from the game to make something she'd flip out about.


Is this as amazing as is it kind of seems like it is?


Do you play live?

We don't perform anthems live, but we do have a great deal of material written predominantly for kids. We are available for elementary schools, parties, libraries, that kind of thing!


Other Questions? Contact Me!

You can reach Mike at Even if you're bored and just want to say hi, he'll probably email you back in a weirdly short amount of time, because he's just like that!

What is Tiny Anthems?

Tiny Anthems is a way of commissioning an artist to compose and record an original piece of music about you or a loved one. The idea is that by contributing information that you find most relevant about yourself or another recipient, you’re participating in a kind of dialogue. The other part of the dialogue is taken up by the artist, where we create an anthem or kind of theme song about the subject based on the information and intuition. Composed works, whether strictly instrumental or with singing are meant to capture something of the essence of the subject.

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