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Since 2018, over 170 people have been immortalized in song, 9 dogs, 2 cats, and one hamster.

Below, you'll find a curated selection of recent pieces along with descriptions of the process. Anthems that have been approved by patrons to go on streaming services are also below.

"Patrick, 86ing Our Sorrow"

This song was requested by Patrick's wife. Having described him as a giant-hearted, artistic genius in Seattle with a background in fine-dining, I composed this piece to celebrate his grace, wit, and, of course, their giant cat, Riley, that he'd been taking care of during the pandemic.

"Dannyboy, A Drunken Man on a Golden State Pier"

Danny was described to me by his fiance as a New Zealand-born world-traveler. A fan of irish music, fine whisky, travel, the two of them were separated as she was temporarily living in Berlin. I composed this song to extoll Danny's best attributes while telling the fictional story of him going to absurd lengths to be reunited with his love. Shortly after he received the song, they had their first child together. Can we take credit for that? Yes. We can.

"Bill and Penni,  Tolerating One Another for 26,000,000 Minutes"

Bill and Penni's daughter requested this song for her parents' 50th wedding anniversary as a gift. She illustrated the very mundane and regular aspects of their lives together after 50 years and I painted a musical portrait of two people so gifted at being married that they should probably be doing a public-speaking tour.

"The Trinity of Beasts, The United States' Most Celebrated Animals"

This was Asia's second song she commissioned Tiny Anthems to do, this time about her three dogs: Pancake, Meatball, and Spaghetti. If you think that sounds like it was basically the recipe for the cutest-ever song. guess what: IT WAS.

"The Waldvogels, Or, Understanding the Criminal Element"

Lisa requested this song for a Christmas gift to give to her family. She wanted a piece that shared a bit about all the members of her clan. Coming from the midwest but sort of scattering all over, I used the song to explore their frankly unbelievable  childhood experiences (She and her siblings used to help their dad run a tobacco store in the 80s) before sort of jumping to modern-day to explore what each of the ragtag family had been up to since their halcyon days.

Need More Proof?

Enjoy this Spotify collection of the world's most prolific Bard.

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