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In addition to commissioned works for individual patrons, Tiny Anthems also specializes in videographic work for businesses and non-profits, centering on storytelling and focused, emotional engagement.

Urban Gleaners Fundraiser 2019

This film was created to highlight the efforts of Urban Gleaners, a food-rescue non-profit operating in Portland, OR in 2019. The film is intended to show the scope of the food-access problem, and how Urban Gleaners takes steps to resolve it.

FOUND Natural Goods 

A boutique store in Bend, OR requested a film that helped to celebrate their four year anniversary and to say thanks to their community. With a sweet and charming aesthetic, we made a film to match! Guest vocalist on this piece was Olivia Nielsen.

Fried Egg I'm in Love promo

A short and playful commercial for a local breakfast spot in Portland, OR. Their tagline is "Rock and Roll Breakfast Sandwiches", and so the piece utilizes and runs with that aesthetic.

Avec Moo, What Do You Do?

This short film was created to tell the story of Avec Moo, a promotional marketing company based in San Francisco, CA. As a small, woman-owned and operated branding company, we created this film and score to express what it is that makes their operation so unique in their field. 

Urban Gleaners Fundraiser 2020

A subsequent film commissioned by Urban Gleaners to concisely highlight the nature of their work in food insecurity at the beginning of covid.

International Society For Technology in Education - Landing Page Film

The International Society for Tech. in Education (ISTE) asked if we could create a short, summarizing film for the landing page of their website that expressed what they do using motion graphics and narration.

The Fresh Pot - Tiny Commercial

We made a rather unconventional piece of advertising for the Fresh Pot of Portland, Oregon. Their mascot is a shark and we used this costume as a centerpiece to a quick story centered around their cafe.

Portland Community Center

A short film about a fictional community center in Portland, OR

What is Tiny Anthems?

This short film/song was created to explain the process by which Tiny Anthems works, as well as to give a sort of visual representation of the aesthetic contained by a song. Charming, needlessly wordy and whimsical; hallmark traits still very much on display.

Angry Florist - Promotional Film

A short promotional piece centering on Portland, OR's Angry Florist.

Am I Not Light - Book Trailer

This visual trailer and accompanying film score was commissioned to highlight the release of a body of work by Photographer Robert Farese. Based on the tone and style of his photos, we created an ambient score to reflect the cryptic nature of his work.

Potential Space - Book Trailer

Potential Space is the research/photography book by Nancy Farese on the nature and impact of play. We created this piece as a promo for her book as well as an intro video for use when she did public-speaking events.

Friends of Noise - Fundraiser Film

As a part of an annual fundraiser for Portland non-profit Friends of Noise, we were asked to create an exciting little film to explain that donors would receive a free custom song as a perk. 

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