In addition to commissioned works for individual patrons, Tiny Anthems also specializes in videographic work for businesses and non-profits, centering on storytelling and focused, emotional engagement.

"What is Tiny Anthems?"

This short film/song was created to explain the process by which Tiny Anthems works, as well as to give a sort of visual representation of the aesthetic contained by a song. Charming, needlessly wordy and whimsical; hallmark traits still very much on display.

"Urban Gleaners Fundraiser 2019"

This film was created to highlight the efforts of Urban Gleaners, a food-rescue non-profit operating in Portland, OR in 2019. The org (and thus, the thrust of the film) are to express the dire situation with respect to food insecurity and how it can be resolved.

"Avec Moo, What Do You Do?"

This short film was created to tell the story of Avec Moo, a promotional marketing company based in San Francisco, CA. As a small, woman-owned and operated branding company, we created this film and score to express what it is that makes their operation so unique in their field.